Privacy Policy

We value our customers’ privacy. Please have a detailed overview of the terms and conditions of this policy to know how we collect your personal information and use/reveal it and to whom. By subscribing to our services at you agree to the processes and practices that are listed in this policy and are integral to our website usage.

Collecting your Personal Details

To give our website users a personalized and gratifying online experience, we collect information like IP address, how a customer clicked on our webpage, kind of browser and the time spent on individual service pages. We collaborate with third parties using cookies for collecting user data as it helps us in improving our site navigation and advertising efforts. User details submitted to us willingly are utilized for contacting them and sending our marketing emails. You might receive our exclusive offer details, new and upgraded service information through messages, calls or email.

How we Utilize User Details

Users’ information is used by us for improving our website, service categories, marketing and advertising efforts. The details can also be utilized for responding to questions, concerns and offering service particulars to potential clients.

How we protect your Personal Information

Lehigh HVAC is quite meticulous about the personal information shared by our clients. We make sure that your credentials like user name, password, credit card payment processing and other data is secured effectively. Our website has been designed with latest techniques to ensure user security at all times. We ensure that your confidential information isn’t exploited or accessed by anyone. Our database keeps the details safe for future reference.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used for improving user experience on websites. These are saved on your hard drive and collect details of your purchase trends and liking. The message will be sent to you if you allow the cookies to collect information; you can deny them to do so however, some pages of our website might not function very well after that. Cookies aren’t responsible for the usage or exploit of personal details submitted on a website.

Terms Regarding Information Sharing

We don’t share or sell personal details of our users with anyone. Demographic details of users might be shared with our partners and advertising affiliates to improve services and marketing messages. In case we share your personal information with a third party for any purpose, consent will be taken from you prior to sharing the details.

Your credentials like IP address will be shared if law requires it and the purpose would be to facilitate an investigation, protect the rights of our website or to find the culprit who is involved in breaking a law. If the rights of third parties are violated or someone is misusing our website, we reserve the right to share users’ information.

Any information submitted on our blog or social media for comments might be collected by a third party and we can’t be held responsible on how they use the details.

Clause Related to Third Party Websites

Other website links that you might see on our webpage could be our advertisers, affiliates, partners or vendors. By clicking on these web pages and sharing information with them, you are subjected to their terms and conditions and privacy policies. We don’t hold any responsibility for misuse of your personal data on these websites. We advise you to read their terms before signing up for any kind of transaction. We can’t be held accountable for how our affiliates or sponsors collect and use personal information of website visitors.

Changes in our Privacy Policy

HVAC reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy, when and if required. You should visit our privacy policy page on regular basis to stay updated. The date of recent changes will be mentioned at the end of privacy policy. So have a look at that to find out if we have revised any terms. By using our webpage you give us the consent to get enlightened about any changes in our policy.

Your use of our Website

Your use of our website is subjected to agreeing to the terms mentioned in our privacy policy. If you have any objection to our terms, kindly don’t use our website. In case, you are confused about any of the clauses or there is something that is not mentioned in our policy, feel free to contact us through email or call.

Updated: 2/9/2021

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