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Waste Management

We make sure that all of your universal waste management is handled safely and responsibly.

Quiet Operations

Our team is entirely professional and competent not to disturb your peace and work quietly.

Wide Selection

We offer you a wide variety of residential and commercial appliance maintenance solutions.

Energy Efficiency

We make sure that you end up saving your energy bills after our maintenance/repair services.


Our Services Speak Quality

HVAC systems perform necessary part in supporting high indoor standard. Your HVAC unit requires to serve cooling on a hot summer day and provide heat in freezing winter. To make your life more comfortable, we are available for any HAVC services. Finding superior quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services near you that work around the clock is a big hassle for the homeowners. Luckily, we at Lehigh HVAC provide premium and fast HVAC services seven days a week. Lehigh HVAC is a platform that has amazing services for desired heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements to provide easement and glee to your home. Our professional workers are here to help you with any of your HVAC services need.

Our HVAC services include installation of all air conditioning and heating choices, on-the-go supporting, and betterment. To tackle and beat the hot weather and provide a comfortable indoor environment, whether it's for commercial or residential areas, we provide premium air conditioning services. Our air conditioning services include central AC and split unit installation, repair, and maintenance. We also offer a thermostat installation.We have seen tough winters in America as it is freezing. Our skilled and exceptional team provide you HVAC heating services. Our heating services have different types of gas fireplaces, furnace fix and maintenance, water heaters, heat pumps, and a lot of other choice. Reach out to us for getting the best HVAC services.


Air Heating Service


Heater Installation

Lehigh HVAC is committed to providing the best heater installation service. We offer our clients the best options for heating units at reasonable rates.


Heater Repair

With our heater repair service, your winters will be a lot cozier. We have skilled people that quickly identify a problem with the heater and fix it.


Heater Maintenance

Let us ensure that your heating units function correctly during the winter. We offer heater maintenance services to enhance the life of your appliance.


Air Conditioning Service


Air Conditioning Installation

We offer the best quality, time-saving air conditioning installation services so you can save up on repair, refrigerant leakage, and other issues.


Air Conditioning Repair

If you face any problems regarding your air conditioner, it can be a thermostat or gas leakage issue; you can give us a call for a quick fix.


Preventative Maintenance

Get preventive maintenance service for your AC system that will enhance your appliance's life and keep you trouble-free for the whole summer.


Commercial HVAC

Balance Humidity

Balance Humidity

The Lehigh HVAC specializes in balancing humidity levels and optimizing temperatures for all commercial or industrial properties. They are the perfect partner to help you get your balance back on track.



This passage is about how their Commercial AC Division helps businesses, educational facilities, and government institutions keep up with balanced humidity control and indoor temperature optimization so that employees can be comfortable while boosting productivity.



When it comes down to getting things done at work - nothing beats a team of professional engineers like those found at The Lehigh HVAC.


Residential HVAC

Quality Contractors

Quality Contractors

Think about it, when you're inside your home during the summertime and temperatures are soaring, do you want to be uncomfortable, or should a quality HVAC contractor take care of that? We are here to help you get quality services.

Experts at Your Disposal

Experts at Your Disposal

Residential air conditioning services may come as an inevitable need for homeowners living in America who spend all their time indoors. Our residential cooling system is what helps make us comfortable while staying at home during these extreme times - but if there's anyone out there depending on their heating system, they'll always appreciate having dependable professionals nearby.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Get preventive maintenance service for your residential area that will enhance your appliance's life and keep you trouble-free for the whole year.


Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of Appliances you Service and Repair?

We offer service and repair of residential kitchen, laundry and other appliances. You can contact us for commercial food, laundry and other appliance maintenance solutions as well.


Do I get a Discount for being a Regular Customer?

You can always sign up with us to enjoy our amazing offers. We value our customers’ contentment and money.


Can I get a Service Scheduled according to my Preferred Hours?

We have very flexible working hours. You can book an appointment for your residential/commercial appliance service or repair according to your timeline.

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