Boiler Services

You know that the boiler is a vital part of your home or workplace. It's the most significant and most reliable way to heat water. If the boiler does not work at all or does not work as it should, it can cause real difficulty. That's why the servicing and restoration of the boiler is a must-do job.

If you have an old boiler that is worn out, is inefficient for you, or inappropriate in size, the only option left is to interchange it with an up-to-date, high-efficiency model. Older coal burners that have converted to oil and gas are the most successful replacements.

That's great you already have a boiler; it's all good; we provide service, repair, and maintenance. But if you are thinking of buying a new one or replacing an old model, we recommend purchasing a gas boiler. Most of our customers use gas boilers. This boiler is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and needs less maintenance than an oil or propane boiler.

That's why our skilled technicians are entirely capable of performing any home boiler repair, servicing, and installation work. We provide facilities for home boilers, industrial boilers, and boilers in the office.

The best way to gain premium convenience and prevent unforeseen difficulties and breakdowns is to employ an experienced Lehigh HVAC technician and conduct regular system tests and repairs.

Our contribution to repair and maintenance of boiler

  • Testing of a pressure switch
  • Heat exchanger checkup and tuning
  • Boiler filter inspection
  • Burner inspection
  • Gas leak testing in case of gas boiler
  • Piping inspection and repair
  • Boiler flooding test

Why should you call us?

  • Same day heating services availability
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Positive customer rating
  • Up-front pricing
  • Well trained and experienced working professional
  • Fast and Customer-friendly services
  • Quick and Responsive communication
  • 24/7 availability

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