Commercial HVAC Services in Lehigh Valley

We are offering commercial hvac services in Lehigh Valley for all phases of repair, maintenance and installation with our licensed certified technicians.

Professional Commercial Heating & Cooling Services

We offer exceptional HVAC services to commercial businesses and industries. Our aim is to deliver high value customer service with our certified technicians who have years of experience. Our team visit your business or commercial property to provide estimates for repair, installation or routine maintenance. Whatever you need for your commercial HVAC systems, we can make sure our standards of service meet your expectations.

Our Services

Rooftops Units

Packaged heating and cooling units for commercial HVAC rooftops. As their name suggests, these are typically located on the roof. Sometimes these can be installed on the ground-level with the duct coming out of the side. We work on all types of electric rooftops and gas electric rooftops (natural gas and/propane). We have experienced technicians who can manage repairing, installing of these units. We have served various brands.


We understand the importance of reliable and efficient heating for your commercial space. With our expert installation, repair, and maintenance services, we'll help keep your business warm and comfortable all year round. We offer all the necessary services for commercial heaters to fit your specific needs. We offer services for Commercial Gas Heaters, Electric Heaters and Infrared Heaters.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions for all your appliance repair needs. We will never overcharge you for any repair services and our services come with competitive pricing. We understand the importance of appliance repair, so our technicians will work quickly and efficiently to get your kitchen appliances up and running in no time.

Professional HVAC Design & Plan

We offer a comprehensive design and build service for new construction projects. With our experience in new construction, we can ensure that you get the best possible HVAC system for your building. We also provide professional plan & specs services for your new construction projects. Our experienced professionals can help you create a detailed design specification that meets your needs and budget.

Ovens, Stovetops, Cooktops and Ranges

We recognize the value that these tools bring to any kitchen. Ovens provide efficient, temperature controlled heat and allow users to cook food in ways that would be difficult or impossible without them. Stovetops can make a variety of dishes with versatility and convenience which is a necessary part of every chef’s toolkit. Cooktops are essential for preparing culinary delights like simmering stews and roasts, while a range combines elements of ovens and stovetops into one convenient package. No matter what your preferred cooking style may be, having these powerful appliances makes it much easier and more enjoyable!

Vent Hoods

We offer the best quality and service when it comes to vent hoods. Our technicians are trained and certified to diagnose, repair, and replace any type of vent hood for residential or commercial use. We use only the highest quality materials so your vent hood will last for many years. With our same-day repair service, you can feel confident that your appliance will be running again in no time at all. Whether you need a basic pump service or a full-scale replacement, Lehigh Appliance Repair has you covered.

Why Choose Us


Emergency repair services

We offer emergency repair services to make sure that your appliances are fixed promptly and efficiently, so you can get back to life as usual.

Professional experience

The team at Lehigh Appliance Repair has over 11+ years of experience in the industry, ensuring each job is done right the first time with quality workmanship and reliable parts.

Comprehensive coverage

We offer repair services for a wide range of kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, microwaves, garbage disposals and more.

Cost savings

By using our experienced team for appliance repairs instead of buying new items, you can save money on expensive replacements and upgrades.

Quality guaranteed

We guarantee our workmanship and use only original replacement parts for all repairs to ensure long-lasting performance from your kitchen appliances.

Peace of mind

Our friendly technicians offer fast response times and transparent pricing so you can relax knowing that your appliances are being taken care of by knowledgeable professionals.

What our customers say

Stop waiting and start fixing! Get your kitchen appliances back up and running with Lehigh Appliance Repair.