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We're a really popular refrigerant service provider in Emmaus, PA. Whenever you're looking for refrigerant services near me, you'll get us at the top of the search results. We offer all HVAC facilities at Lehigh HVAC to provide cooling and heating systems for residential and industrial use. We are certified and capable air conditioning contractors are providing central AC, home AC repair, and home and office replacement facilities.

In most situations, air conditioning, you do not need a refrigerant occasionally; a refrigerant we use in ACs is widely known as freon adjustment. If your AC needs freon, it may be due to a leak in the air conditioner or a leak in the ac refrigerant. In extreme situations, the dusty filter or the frozen evaporator coil can also cause the coolant to leak. It's not a major issue; you can fill the refrigerant quickly.

Process of freon recharging or repairing

The refrigerant is not simply absorbed in thin air. If the freon is not enough in the container, it means there has to be a clear reason for this. Its replacement is very necessary because the leakage is very harmful to the environment. If your AC is fresh and has a low refrigerant frequency, any leakage happened during the construction of the AC. Very possibly, a freon leak is caused by cracks in the freon coitainer. In most cases, the bottle can be easily patched, the refrigerant can be filled, and all is going back to normal.

But also, because of the many cracks in the container that come with time, we have to patch the refrigerant container. Its refilling is also important as it could compromise the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. There are two ways to repair the coolant leak: one is to find out and fix the crack in the container, and the other is to substitute the coil with a new one.

How to find out AC refrigerant leak

  • Poor cooling or no cooling at all
  • Fans are not blowing cold air
  • High energy consumption with no cooling
  • Frozen coils

If you think that you are facing any one of the above-given issues, then for sure your freon is leaking. Routine maintenance and checkups for your cooling system is a way to find the coolant leakages and instant repairs. We can help you identify the issue earlier, and you can call us as soon as possible, and we will fix your issue regarding the AC freon leak.

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We are high paced technicians, and we are licensed to work on manufactured housing. We provide emergency change-outs on the same day with a low price guaranteed. We offer emergency repairs in a fast and friendly manner.

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