Air Handler Services

A good air handling unit will be required for any fully functional HVAC system. Air handling systems are important when it comes to regulating and circulating air in the home or office.

However, as with other components operating within the HVAC system, air handlers require regular repair and maintenance. And these components are required to be cleaned; it's important to have the work done by a reputable contractor, such as Lehigh HVAC.

By enhancing air quality by outdoor air and filtering, we are able to provide energy-efficient installation, servicing, and repair of your air handling unit.

Here's a closer look at what you need to know about cleaning the air handler and why we're the ideal company to do this service.

How we know we require air handler cleaning?

The air handler can malfunction for several reasons, and when it does, you must have the right professionals on call to quickly diagnose and repair the problem. Here's a look at some of the leading causes of air handler problems:

  • Electrical issues.
  • Failure of the motor.
  • Failure to allow proper filter adjustments.
  • Leaking lines of the compressor.

Our services for Cleaning of the air handling unit

Regularly cleaning and repair is recommended to keep the air handling system running smoothly. In order to repair and preserve the air handler machine, it is likely to remove and rebuild the air handler, which is the job best left to the experts. Here's a look at our AC air handler maintenance process:

  • We begin by separating the air handler, which often entails removing the compressor drain and refrigerant lines.
  • The next thing we find and uninstall the air handler, we'll clean it. We correctly clean the vacuum and cleaning solution of the store.
  • Second, we put it back to how we find everything to repair the air conditioning air handler effectively. Any of the components we can recommend to be substituted.
  • Finally, we go to turn the air conditioner back on to make sure it is running correctly.

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